Featured Collection:

Libbey Signature.

Kentfield Collection

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Kentfield enjoys a perfectly balanced, versatile design with a classically elegant shape. Its fine-blown character ensures that  the aroma and taste is authentic for every sip and every moment.

Greenwich Collection

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The modern shape of Greenwich evokes beauty and self confidence. Each stem is beautifully pulled and punctuated with a stunning flat foot. The bowl’s fine rim directs the flow of the wine to the center of one’s palate to highlight the silky texture and sensuous flavor of the wine. The result is a tastefully stylized glass made for celebration.

Westbury Collection

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The dramatic profile of Westbury stemware is a true show stopper. Its striking height and gracefully soaring design release your senses to experience each delectable flavor sensation in the moment. A stunning collection, this line of glassware is sure to thrill your table like no other item on the market.

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From the way it feels in your hand to the way it sits at your celebration- Libbey Signature’s beauty is remarkable.

A line of luxurious glassware made in the USA, Libbey Signature is brilliantly designed and innovated via our revolutionary new glassmaking process. Crafted with a level of quality and clarity never before seen from an American-born line, its state-of-the-art ClearFire™ glass composition provides superior brightness and is proudly backed by our 25-year lip and foot no-chip guarantee.

Libbey Signature offers a fantastic value, completely unique to today’s consumer. Raise your glass to celebrate this!