Prologue -

artistically crafted


Expressed in recycled glass, ceramics, soft colors and alluring textures.

Prologue embodies beautiful design hand-crafted from recycled glass and ceramics. Its soft colors and alluring textures are an invitation to indulge in the specialness of the moment. Sand, earth and water recrafted for the future.

Drift Collection

Beautiful ceramics are individual pieces of art made with no modern machinery. Each piece is handmade and fired in a replicated wood Dragon Kiln simulating antique Khmer techniques as used by the Angkor Empire.

Luna Collection

Luna, Prologue’s handmade recycled glassware, was created to further the mission of environmental sustainability in Mexico.

Haze Collection

Soft blue hues kiss this glass with an ombré touch that reminds one of the sea. The unique shapes of the tall and short tumblers fit well in the hand and stack well in one’s cupboard.

Ebb Collection

Color embedded in the glass makes each piece of this collection unique and artfully-designed. With a weight that feels substantive and rich, Ebb glassware is strong and beautiful.

Nymph Collection

With an airy lightness and a shell weight base, Libbey’s Nymph glasses bring a whimsical touch to your table. Their hand-applied glass beads result in a truly artful presentation and ensure that each piece is entirely unique and thoughtfully crafted.

Serveware Collection

Every moment is crafted by the scene you set. Set it with your own sophisticated style alongside the Prologue line.